Trail Crew

Location: Winter Park, CO
Date Posted: 05-26-2018
IntelliSource is searching for capable individuals to join our hospitality partner’s Trail Crew. The Trail Crew work involves the following: mowing, brushing, pruning, sawing, clearing culverts of debris, water bar rehabilitation, debris pickup, zip line maintenance. Daily work may involve any or all, of these specific tasks at various dates and times:
Build new trails and rehabilitate existing trails, such as:
o Mowing : Accomplished by side-discharge lawn mower, motorized weed-eater or non-motorized weed whips
o Sawing : clear trail of downed trees, large branches, or hazardous leaning trees.
o Culverts : clear culverts of all debris so that proper water flow/drainage is restored
o Build structures (bridges, wooden ladders, retaining walls
o Construct with rock (water bars, retaining walls, causeways, stone steps)
o Clear trails (cut and haul brush, shovel soil, pull stumps)
o Other work (breaking beaver dams, zip line maintenance)
Physical Demands: In general, trail maintenance often involves frequent lifting, reaching, bending, carrying, and repetitive motion. Distances walked may frequently exceed several miles per day, often while carrying tools or other equipment. Objects weighing more than 50 pounds may need to be lifted or otherwise moved.
Working conditions: involved with Trail Maintenance may encompass all types of weather, from hot and humid to wet and cold. Work will occur across uneven terrain, including hills, slopes, grades, and wetlands in both forested and open areas, which may present numerous slipping and tripping hazards such as rocks and tree roots, mossy stones or logs, mud and water, or loose gravel. Exposure to long periods of sunlight, wind, dust/dirt, insects, motor noise, exhaust, or gas/paint fumes is possible.
Protective Equipment for Trail Maintenance tasks includes: sturdy work gloves, and sturdy leather work boots. Use of any gasoline-operated power tool/equipment will also require the proper use of eye protection and hearing protection. Additionally, in the case of chainsaw operation, a hard hat and saw chaps are also required (gloves, hard hat, eye protection, and hearing protection required). Individual work crew members are strongly encouraged to carry cellular phones, radios, or other communication devices whenever and wherever possible/practical in case of emergencies. 
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