Logistics Coordinator

Location: Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada
Date Posted: 12-20-2017
IntelliSource has partnered with an international technology company to hire a Logistics Coordinator.  Below is a full list of responsibilities and requirements for application.                   
  • Un-pack all boxes delivered to the Service Center
  • Check model and serial number to paperwork provided with the unit
  • Check for damage and note it on the paperwork.
  • If unit is damaged take pictures and attach to the Siebel Order. If Siebel Service Order (SO) is not available email picture to Order Management (OM).
  • Safety Test (using the megger are performed by the shipper )
  • Electronic Test Equipment (ETE) is to go on the ETE rack located in the lab with incoming paperwork
Siebel Logistic
  • Update “receipt”  information on logistics tab
  • Receive date
  • Tracking number
  • Carrier
  • List accessories received
Siebel Service Order
  • Update your Work Done By (WDB) arrive date (this is date you received the unit)
  • Verify schedule, re-schedule and customer received dates auto populated to be 7 days out. If not you will need to manually enter these dates
  • Verify schedule, re-schedule is auto populated to 7 days out and customer received date auto populated to be 8 days out. Update the WDB arrive date which triggers the schedule, re-schedule and customer receive date to be auto populated.  If this does not occur, manually enter dates.
  • Siebel service order scheduling: 7 days for calibration & 14 days for repair.
  • Change order status to Ready Work (RW) and put on Incoming Shelf
  • Update “notes” tab when applicable
  • Print internal documents as needed
  • Verify units match to paperwork and shipper
  • The shipper performs safety testing, then create and apply Safety check label
  • Shipper would then cap the unit per instructions.
  • Make sure accessories that are noted accompany the unit
  • Package and box units ready for shipment
  • Create shipping documents
Siebel Process
  • Update “Shipping “ Information on Logistics Tab
  • Ship Date
  • Tracking Number
  • Carrier
  • Accessories shipped
  • Number of Piece
  • Shipping Weight
  • Print Shipping, customer facing,  documents as needed
  • Change order status appropriately
Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Order is entered into the Ensenda system by SLSC Roseville and generates an email alert direct to the carrier to notify of order
  • Units are picked up next day and securely packaged in cargo van for transport back to the carrier dock by Shipper
Speedy Packer (Sealed Air) – Keysight Saint Laurent facility only (and soon in Kanata)
  • Ensure proper training
  • Make sure machine is kept clean
  • Change filters on schedule (Every time we put on a new roll of film)
  • Clean block on schedule
  • Refill fluids and change out barrels as needed
  • Schedule service as needed
Shipping Area
  • Make sure shipping is kept clean and safe
  • All excess material is are discarded at end of day
  • Shipping materials to be kept organized
  • Order boxes
  • Order supplies for Speedy Packer
  • Order Dust caps to place on units at time of shipment
  • Order Purolator supplies as needed
Filing of Shipping Document
  • Signed shipping documents from customers
  • For units picked up/delivered
  • For units delivered by carrier
  • For units shipped by carrier
Daily carrier manifest
ETE completed paperwork
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