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Production Manager

Denver, Colorado
IntelliSource is searching for a detail-oriented Shop & Production Manager to join our Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Partner's team southwest of Denver. The Shop & Production Manager will responsible for working with all business avenues to ensure smooth operations and timely completion of all projects. Some other responsibilities include:
  1. Project Review and Coordination
    1. Coordinate with PM’s, Detailers, and Superintendents on overall project scope
    2. Schedule and run weekly production meetings for the shop with all PM’s involved in meeting
    3. Prioritize which projects are being fabricated based on coordination with PM’s and project needs
    4. Through conversations with PM’s and Detailers understand when “For Construction” drawings can be expected 
      1. Plan fabrication accordingly to support project needs
    5. Notify PM’s when products are completed, and project is ready for shipment to site
      1. Notify production manager and shipping and receiving manager when items are ready to ship to the site
  2. Organization of yard
    1. Work with Procurement Manager to understand what material orders have been placed and when material is expected to arrive
    2. Follow process for receiving inbound material
    3. Coordinate steel recycle pickups and drop offs
    4. Manage process for stock withdrawal and adding to stock
    5. Review and adjust yard organization for efficiency
  3. Production Management
    1. Work with Foreman to delegate which fitters works on items
      1. Provide nesting lists, prints, and parts list for fabrication
    2. Work with Foreman and fitters to help interpret prints
    3. Work with Foreman to determine which welders work with which fitters
    4. Coordinate parts department
    5. Make sure fabrication jigs are being used when needed
      1. Help develop fabrication jig to maintain highest level of efficiency
    6. Constantly manage material that is on shop floor and remove unnecessary material
    7. Manage all drawings and documents control needed for the shop
      1. Display Erection drawings on project wall to help employees and management understand what we are building and where we are at with progress
    8. Track material through fabrication process and coordinate with production manager as to when items are nearing completion
    9. Make sure all items leaving for the field or paint have mark numbers on them
    10. Work with PM’s and Detailers to confirm we are working with most recent drawings and revisions
    11. Coordinate plasma files with detailers
    12. Review painting requirements and work with procurement to maintain
  4. Manage shop welding certification program and QC program
    1. Make sure all welding employees are maintaining a proper continuity log
    2. Provide correct WPS and Certs when requested by PM
    3. Maintain Q.C. log and fabrication travelers
  5. Employee Oversight
    1. Review manpower and maintain a crew of needed size to support project needs
    2. Interview, Hire, Fire and discipline of all shop employees
    3. Bi annual and Annual reviews on employee performance
  6. Safety
    1. Conduct Weekly Safety Meeting
    2. Manage Safety Program for shop and yard process
      1. Confirm that employees have the correct training for the tasks they are performing
      2. If employees do not have correct training coordinate classes and training
      3. Keep training matrix of employee safety certifications, when certifications expire and when continuing education is needed.
    3. Provide Safety documentation to Managers. Reasons documentation may be needed is for projects, prequalification’s, reviews, and other scenarios
    4. Confirm that safety inspections are being performed on all equipment, rigging, and cranes as required
    5. Confirm that all equipment guards are being used properly
  7. Manage shop tool maintenance
    1. Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Annual Maintenance program
      1. Maintain documentation on service dates, what was performed, who performed the work, and when the next service is needed.
    2. Coordinate with outside companies and reps as needed to maintain equipment
    3. Equipment that needs to be maintained includes but is not limited to
      1. Saws
      2. Break
      3. Shear
      4. Ironworkers
      5. Mills
      6. Plasma
      7. Overhead Bridge cranes
      8. Shop Rigging
      9. Power Tools
      10. Welders
      11. Forklifts
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